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02 March 2010 @ 06:34 pm
Didja ever spin in a circle
Until you were lying on the ground
Didja laugh until your sides ached
With no one else around
Didja ever build a fortress
In the comfort of your room
And hide inside it
Like it was King Tut's Tomb

Didja ever color a picture
And make the sun bright red
Didja doodle in the corners
The images from your head
Didja hold your breath under water
Until you were gasping for air
Didja stuff yourself with candy
On summer nights at the fair

Didja hold your arms out wide
And pretend that you could fly
Didja run in circles
And try and try and try
Didja ever feel the magic
Of the ice cream truck's sweet tune
Didja ever whisper your secrets
To that man up in the moon

Didja spend a lot of time thinking
"I can't wait to be fully grown"
And didja believe it would be easier
When you packed up and left home
Didja ever think for a minute
That this is as good as it gets
Breathing, living, the rat race of life
And not an ounce of childhood to it