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02 March 2010 @ 06:34 pm
They Say  

They say you shouldn't do it
That it's perfect, pretty skin
Don't run a knife across your leg
It may just be a sin
They say it's really bad for you
To dive in and take a swim
To the bottom of the bottle
It makes your light too dim

They say you take too many risks
When you jump out of a plane
And then they spend hours telling you
What a pill does to your brain
They talk about psychiatrists
And tell you that nothing good
Will ever come from the path you're on
Not that you thought it would

They say that life is precious
They sing it like a song
They say 'dance like no one is looking'
But the dance goes on too long
They say that every day is a gift
But you can't give back the days
That make you wish with everything
That you could just fade away

They say you have to keep going
It's all just in your head
But they don't know how hard it is
When your soul is already dead
They say you have to love yourself
That faith will set you free
But God hasn't been around for a while
So how can you believe

They say that times are changing
They swear that you will heal
But they can't walk inside your shoes
And feel everything you feel
So they pretend to remember you fondly
When they stand at your grave and weep
All the things they told you
Were just promises no one can keep