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22 November 2009 @ 01:16 pm
The Truth Behind My Fault  
is it really my fault
if i don't see the sunlight every day
i saw it in September and it
could not chase my demons away
held down on the ground
did you really think i could beat them
going crazy ever since
and all i've been is condemned

they always say that
lightning can't strike twice
but i'm living proof
that it's a roll of the dice
call me depressed
call me crazy because it's true
i guess anybody with a heart
would be crazy after what i went through

it was only one of them
the others were too scared
they just stood and laughed at me
as if they didn't care
and the shame i felt as i pulled
my skirt back over my knees
made me lie to the hospital
and everyone else but me

i've been carrying this secret
and if i'm hiding it behind pills
then let me hide it for a while
because i'm not ready to feel
i'll never tell a living soul
that once again i was defeated
i keep my eyes shut to the world
because i have retreated