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16 September 2008 @ 01:42 am
Sinner's Prayer  
I said, "God, if you're really there
Then make me a heart of stone
Fashion it from this pain in me
That will not leave me alone
Make it harder than it is
Let it bend, but never break
Because this gut filled agony
Is more than I can take
God, if you're really listening
Then please dry my tears
There seems to be an endless well
And I really need to heal
God, if you can touch me
Then please mend up my soul
It's been pulled through the wringer
Make it strong or let me go
God, if you can feel me
Then please help me understand
Just what you were thinking
When you dealt me this hand
I've struggled through the hard times
Lost my faith along the way
But a part of me believed
That I would see a brighter day
God, if you can move me
I'm ready to feel your touch
I'm ready for your help right now
Because I've lost so much
God, if you can see me
I'm down upon my knees
Waiting, endlessly waiting
For someone to set me free
I can't fall any lower and
I don't think I'm all right
Maybe I've spilled too much
Of my life in the words I write
All I've gotten in return
Is a broken, battered me
So, God, if you can hear me
I'm asking once again
Save this long gone Christian
Who's ready to let you in"
Current Mood: betrayed